Why ChakraCore OSS is Important

Chakra is the new JavaScript engine developed by Microsoft, which was first released as part of the, no longer supported Internet Explorer 9. This isn’t a post about why Microsoft having more open sou
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Looking Forward into 2016

This is the spiritual sequel to my previous Highlight Reel for 2015 post. You don’t need to read it previously, but it might provide some context on some of these ideas. I decided that with everythi
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Highlight Reel for 2015

I just finished reading my post about 2014. If I were to compare my plans for 2015 to the result of the year-long sprint, I’d have to say that it appears that we are either way off track, or that the
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Code - The Visual Studio for Everybody

Last week I delivered three presentations: one at the Winnipeg .NET User Group and the other two at Winnipeg Code Camp. Being as awesome as we are, the user group presentation was recorded and has bee
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My Favourite Online Dev Tools

I’m talking about online or web-based tools, not toolboxes. So entire development suites like Cloud9 or Visual Studio Online are off the table because they are full tool suites. These tools are simple
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David Wesst

A JavaScript enthusiast, working as an Enterprise Java developer, with the heart of a gamer. Microsoft MVP for 5 Years Running, and part of the Western Devs.

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