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How to Use Global NPM Packages on a VSTS Self-Hosted Build Agent

Published on 2016-Oct-24 // Updated on 2016-Oct-24
Tagged with javascript , visual studio team services , nodejs , npm

I setup a self-hosted build agent in Visual Studio Team Services. My build installed global NPM packages, but the tasks that used them later on in the script would fail because they were unable to use them. This post describes what I did to get them working.

Windows Not Required - The New Microsoft Development Story (Video)

Published on 2016-Oct-03 // Updated on 2017-May-02
Tagged with .net core , docker , powershell , typescript , visual studio code , visual studio team services

I delivered a presentation at the Winnipeg .NET User Group last week, where I recorded it and posted it on YouTube. I go over a number of Microsoft development tools and technologies that don’t require Windows and present deliver the demos on my Linux machine.

How to Fix NPM node-gyp Errors on Windows

Published on 2016-Sep-26 // Updated on 2017-May-02
Tagged with javascript , nodejs , node-gyp

Whenever I get a new machine, I pull down a new project using the npm install command and get an error related to python and node-gyp. This post will remember the fix for this problem that I always forget.

How to Build ReactJS with Gulp

Published on 2016-Sep-20 // Updated on 2017-May-02
Tagged with reactjs , gulp , javascript , babel

I started to tinker with React last week and needed to do some digging on how to transpile the React JSX files using Gulp. In this post, we walkthrough my newly updated Gulp task that transpiles JSX and JavaScript files.

How to Compile Typescript into a Single File with AMD Modules with Gulp

Published on 2016-Sep-12 // Updated on 2017-May-02
Tagged with typescript , javascript , amd , requirejs , gulp

The lessons I learned and the steps I took to compile TypeScript modules into a single file with AMD modules using Gulp, along with how I consumed those compiled modules in my HTML application.

How to Use Highlight.js with Bower and Gulp

Published on 2016-Aug-29 // Updated on 2017-May-02
Tagged with javascript , gulp , bower , highlight.js

One of the best libraries I’ve seen for syntax highlighting on the web is highlight.js, IMHO. The catch to using the library is that it takes a bit more effort to setup than just adding a script tag and being done with it. In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps I took to get this up and running with Bower and Gulp.

Mobile First Design Tips

Published on 2016-Aug-16 // Updated on 2017-May-02
Tagged with css , mobile , responsive

When redesigning my personal website and blog, I started from scratch and attempted to apply a mobile-first design approach. Here are a few tips that I picked up along the way while creating and implementing my new design that might prevent some mistakes on your own sites.

Keeping Your Edge on an Extended Break

Published on 2016-Jul-18 // Updated on 2017-May-02
Tagged with professional development

I recently came off of four months of parental leave where I had a fantastic time bonding with my new daughter. Although four months doesn’t seem like much of a hiatus, I learned very quickly that being a full time parent doesn’t leave much time to keeping my professional edge.

They might seem obvious, but it took me a while to find a balance to make sure spending time with my daughter didn’t play second fiddle to my profession passion and/or obsession. I also didn’t want to give up the little bit of sleep I’ve managed to get, which bring me to the three things that really helped keep up up-to-date.

Measuring in CSS is Cool

Published on 2016-Mar-07 // Updated on 2017-May-02
Tagged with html , css , css3 , stylesheets

I’ve been on this CSS kick for the past while, and I had forgotten how much CSS can do now. More specifically how things have changed when it comes to measuring height and width.

Using text-overflow:ellipsis with Inline Flex

Published on 2016-Feb-29 // Updated on 2017-May-02
Tagged with html , css , flexbox

Dave Paquette, a fellow Western Dev, hit a strange CSS snag the other day. He wanted to use the text-overflow: ellipsis on a flexbox item that displayed text, where the ellipsis would show up if the text was too long.

It didn’t work as expected, but after some digging, a solution was discovered. This post exists to document both the problem and solution with the hope that it prevents future headaches for other CSS developers.